Ecological Architecture


ECOLOGICAL ARCHITECTURE is design that emphasizes natural materials and the use of renewable resources that come from the earth in such a way that they can be returned to the earth without causing harm.

Design Services

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Passive-Solar and Energy-Efficiency related services

Summary of Services

passive-solar and energy-efficient design and analysis for passive-solar / energy-efficiency performance. Through passive approaches to mechanical performance, large cost savings can often be achieved through a small initial investment.

Passive Heating

Potential strategies for energy savings through passive solar heating may include: optimized building orientation and fenestration schemes to naturally harvest on-site solar energy, and increased thermal mass to retain harvested solar energy throughout the coldest part of the day. These strategies typically do not involve any costs, but they may involve an “open-minded” approach to building orientation, interior design and fenestration schemes. More involved strategies, like “sunspace” (greenhouse) or “Trombe Wall” can be investigated as well, as they offer interesting advantages.

Passive Cooling

Potential energy savings through passive cooling typically involve a solar-shading system, plus some type of natural ventilation – sometimes in conjunction with some modest mechanical system (i.e. “hybrid” systems). Solar shading strategies typically involve coordination of the building orientation with site constraints, and coordination of roofs, decks and shading devices with window placement. Natural ventilation strategies typically involve a small area of operable windows strategically placed, and a willingness to manage the system – either through controls or personnel – on a specific schedule determined by the daily and seasonal climate. Additional interior mass is also beneficial, just as for passive heating, and may be critical to the success of the strategy.

Conservation (traditional insulation strategies)

Potential energy savings through conservation include increased or strategic expenditure on the building envelope – specifically, better windows, enhanced wall, roof and slab insulation, air-spaces and radiant barriers. In addition, active mechanical systems for capturing and storing renewable energy (e.g. PV solar panels) can be employed for an “off-the grid” solution in many cases.

Energy Analysis of New or Existing Designs

Using industry-recognized software and methodologies, we provide energy analyses to compare passive and active approaches to determine the optimum approach for each project. The emphasis is on achieving the most cost-effective design from a life-cycle standpoint, with data and recommendations provided to assist in the financing of the up-front costs of the optimum solution.

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Bidder Qualifications Review
Review of Owner / Contractor Agreements
Analysis of Substitutions or Alternatives
contract administration
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Construction observation and field reports
Architect’s supplemental instructions & supplemental drawings
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special services
Historic Preservation w/ existing archival drawings, masonry repair specialist
Passive Solar Design greenroofs & earth sheltered buildings
Earth Sheltered Design w/ earth covered/rammed earth/adobe brick
Active Solar Design w/hot water domestic and space heating
Green Roofs & Earth Sheltered Building Design
Photovoltaic Design w/ roofing and personal computer system power
Climatological Design w/solar shading,wind studies, energy conscious landscape design
Daylighting & Lighting Design w/ alternative systems such as LED cove lighting
Interior Architecture w/ custom millwork, cabinet design, art display
Kitchen & bath design are offered as separate design projects.
Custom cabinet design including bookcases and audio-visual, and art collection display cabinets are also offered as separate design services.