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Navigating Outsourcing with Confidence: Driving Success Together

Unleash the boundless power of outsourcing and forge a collaborative alliance with Impact Global Solutions to ignite sustainable growth. Together, we will confidently navigate the outsourcing journey, crafting ingenious strategies that propel your firm towards a path of continued success.

Coaching & Consulting


Whether you’d like a guide or someone to lead your outsourcing efforts, I guarantee I will make your life easier and your outsourcing efforts more successful!

Educating on Best Practices to
Improve your Outsourcing Experience

Laurence is an experienced advisor with a decade of expertise in working with over 500 CPA and Accounting firms across the US. He helps firms establish successful outsourced operations, offering hands-on guidance and leveraging his deep understanding of the accounting profession.

As a featured speaker and podcast guest, Laurence shares best practices and insights on outsourcing, highlighting its transformative impact on CPA and Accounting firms. Through Impact Global Solutions, Laurence aims to drive sustainable growth for firms by providing industry-standard methods and tools for effective outsourcing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Impact Global Solutions provides a range of consulting and implementation services
related to outsourcing, including coaching, conducting training workshops, mentoring along
your journey, building an effective back office, and implementation support. Our aim is to help
businesses optimize their operations and drive growth.

We specialize in Financial Talent. We work across all industries however have a very
strong presence and background working with CPA, Accounting, Private Equity and Wealth
Management Firms. Whether you’re a small firm, a mid-sized practice, or a large enterprise, our
flexible services can be tailored to your unique business needs.

We craft tailored outsourcing solutions for each business. We don’t believe in one-size-
fits-all approaches. We’re committed to empowering businesses with personalized outsourcing

services that help them thrive in a competitive industry.

Impact Global Solutions serves US Firms and Businesses. Our clients are typically
outsourcing or exploring outsourcing in India, Philippines, South Africa or South America. We
also support firms with domestic outsourcing solutions.

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