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15 Years of Experience of Mold Damage Work is Our Success.


We perform Mold Assessment (Same as mold Testing or mold inspection), mold remediation, and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) pollutant testing—one of the most experienced and trusted companies operating within the South Florida area.

• We will provide a quality and personalized service that, for Mold inspection or remediation, will leave no doubt you have made the right decision. Our clients are homeowners, public adjusters, realtors, and property managers.
• Areas we serve are Monroe, South Florida, Greater Miami Area, Miami-Dade, Broward, and WPB Counties. Other counties within Florida.
• We are prepared to provide clarity and peace of mind to our clients. We’ll give you a free phone consultation to find out what you are experiencing and set up a visit to your property for a Mold Inspection or a mold remediation quote at your convenience.
• Our comprehensive mold Inspections and sampling techniques will identify all sources of mold, including toxic black mold. Our knowledgeable staff will resolve your Indoor pollutant issues.
• UHS meets all licensing and insurance requirements for the State of Florida. We follow only best industry practices and standards.



Mold Assessment

• Mold Testing will provide clarity and peace of mind to homeowners, property managers, and tenants.

Mold Remediation

• We will exercise the best health and safety practices at the job site. Quickly restore the property to its original condition and extend a price-match guarantee.

Water Damage Restoration

• Water damage can be devastating, and response must be immediate. Do you know if a surface remains wet for longer than 24 hrs.? The property to develop mold. Then a mold inspection will likely be required.

Fire & Smoke Damage

• We aim to ease the burden of restoring your home after the fire.

HVAC Duct & Coil Clean

• Ducts should be cleaned every five years. Naturally occurring dirt, hair, bug parts, and dead cells accumulate over time.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

or the air you breathe, is a
serious matter. It’s
impossible to avoid
exposure to indoor air
pollution, such as toxic
chemicals or biological

We love our customers! Please get in touch with us, and we will set up a meeting at your convenience

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Why Choose Us?

We want everyone using our services to feel satisfied. So, for that reason, we hire only experienced staff certified or licensed by the State of Florida. We will go above and beyond for our customers and pay attention to details.
Our Price Match Guarantee for our Mold Remediation Service. UHS is going above and beyond for our customers, who can now benefit from our Price Match Guarantee. Will always match (or beat!) the price of a mold removal estimate provided by another company. Assuming the proper corrective measures are being recommended.
We will provide a quality and personalized service that will leave no doubt you have made the right decision. Could you scan the QR code above for a personal representative to provide solutions?